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My Hobble Slips November 1, 2009

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I have a fascination for things that limit me. I love hobble Skirts. I like the way it makes me walk with mincing steps. I love the way it limits my ability to handle hurdles. I simply love how I can’t walk up steps anymore like anyone else. I have to take one step at a time and depending on which hobble skirt I wear I can’t walk up certain steps because they are simply too high.

So here is how I Made My Hobble Slip/Skirt

What I like about a Hobble Slip is that you can wear almost any skirt that you want and still be restricted. Plus, in a more conservative enviroment you dont have to look out-of-place.

Step 1: Find a Skirt

You can go to any thrift store, I like Good Will, or go thru your current skirts for a thick non stretch skirt that you think can stand up the stress of becoming a hobble slip. You do not want to get a thin fabric skirt because after you start to use it make rip or tear.

Step 2: How Fast Do You Want to Walk?

First measure how far you want to be able to walk. You can use a belt or rope to keep your legs together and walk around. You may want to make an other hobble slip even tighter next time you make one. Which is what I did.

If your soon to be hobble slip is to long for the skirt that you want to wear underneath it you will have to raise the hem line.

Step 3: Fitting

Lay the skirt flat and take the measurement for step 2 and dived it by 2. This number will be the new width of the skirt at the hem line.Hobble Slip

Next take pins and mark on both sides of the skirt where you think the new seam should be to make it with your waist.

Try on the skirt to see if it fits, make any adjustments as necessary.

Step 4: Sew

Finally use your sewing machine to sew where the pins are and go over the hem line a couple of times.

Step 5: Try it on. If it needs any more work you know what to do. You may also want to remove any belt loops to reduce the profile of your new hobble slip.

Hobble Slip



1. DG - December 6, 2009

If I were a woman I’d love to do the same, have a set of hobble slips to wear under normal skirts. Normal outward appearance but restricted all the time. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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